About Process

Every Sris ma fils® product passes through the severe quality tests to ensure that the product delivered is the customers’ delight.


We use the FORGING process for most of our products manufactured by us. In the Forging process red hot metal is forced into shaped dies under very high pressure producing products having superior strength, toughness, realibility and quality. These products are further machined, ground, buffed and electro-phoretically treated on the latest machines at our modern plants.


We use CASTING also for few of our products. Casting is a conventional process wherein melted metal is poured into a mold after which we get the shape for the product. Depending upon the product we use hand casting, gravity casting and investment casting by using the standard procedure.


We have well equipped lab and best quality chemicals that give stunning finish to product. This finish is further secured by electrophoretic lacquer which also gives glitter to product. We are very confident about coating and can always take guarantee for same.

About Raw Material

We use Raw material at par with international standards.


The company started with brass metal as a base for its product range. Brass was the primary choice as it is known for its properties like strength, corrosion resistance, color and toughness. Over a period of time we have developed a vital range of customers for our brass models. The brass is forged for giving shape to the dies. The process of forging further ensures superior strength, toughness.

Stainless Steel

We also offer door handles in Stainless Steel (Grade 304). Process involved for manufacturing is machining and investment casting. Features like life long guarantee, anti-rust, strength etc. ensures the longevity of product.

White Metal

Our white metal handles are our magnum opus- they gained instant popularity in the industry and are now being sold all over the country in brilliant numbers. The speciality of our white metal is that unlike other manufacturers it is not imported from China. It is our in-house material. We give warranty for period of 3 years for finish as well material.

White Metal we are using for our product is Zinc Alloy (Zamac-5). Use of advance machines confirms the Compact Casting of this White Metal. We are using Hot Chamber Die Casting which ensures to deliver the material without problems like blowholes, pinholes etc.

About People

Mr. Shailender Kumar, the promoter of the company is an engineering graduate and has rich experience in this field for the past few years.
We recruit highly qualified, professional, experienced, technical and skilled staff which ensures a Quality and Excellency in product. The credit of our success goes to our Research &Design wing which focuses on creating innovative designs that combine the traditional with modern.